Rights and Responsibilities

Rights & Responsibilities - Accessibility Services

Learn about faculty rights and responsibilities to accommodate students registered with Accessibility Services.

Faculty members represent Tyndale University, and as representatives, have a duty to accommodate students registered with Accessibility Services.

Faculty members play a vital role in the education and development of students and thus, the following rights and responsibilities apply to faculty members teaching students with disabilities:

Faculty members have the right to:

  • Determine course content and establish methods of instruction.
  • Develop standards of the course and ensure they are not compromised.
  • Evaluate that the student demonstrates mastery of course content and its essential requirements.
  • Fail any student who does not meet the academic standards.
  • Discuss accommodations with the Accessibility Specialist if they compromise the integrity of the course.
  • Consult the Accessibility Specialist and other professionals to determine the best ways to implement accommodations.
  • Be a valued and key member in a student's learning development.

Faculty members have the responsibility to:

  • Educate oneself on the Accessibility Services accommodation process.
  • Assist Accessibility Services by implementing approved accommodations.
  • Provide a discrimination-free learning environment.
  • Respond to approved accommodation requests in good faith.
  • Protect student's confidentiality and never disclose any accommodation or disability information without the student's consent.
  • Respect the student's rights and dignity.
  • Not inquire about the student's disability.
  • Assist the Accessibility Office in promoting an equal learning environment for students with disabilities.
  • Communicate with the Accessibility Specialist when required.