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An Introduction to the Tyndale Leadership Centre Rationale & Approach 

There is a leadership gap in the church today...

Not only is there a lack of new and capable leaders in the church today but there is also a gap between current reality and the church’s history of hierarchical leadership.

… which means an opportunity for real change.

As the world swirling around church and parachurch organizations becomes more complex, less stable, and increasingly diverse, it demands new ways of thinking about leadership. Organizations Like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and World Vision Canada, in partnership with the Tyndale Leadership Centre, have embraced this change with great results.

Our approach is informed by current research, driven by a passion to be part of real change, and co-created with each client to ensure that our approach meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Leading in a disorienting world can be daunting. When change is complex, emergent, and dynamic, traditional perspectives and strategies often fail us completely. To lead well in the 21st century, we need to develop new ways of thinking and being. We need to embrace the inherent complexity of the world and see change as an opportunity, rather than a problem to be overcome.

The Tyndale Leadership Centre is committed to enhancing the capacity of individuals and organizations to be leaders who confidently represent Christ in any role.

Key Learning Features:

  • A servant-based leadership approach.
  • An adaptive learning environment.
  • An organic way of thinking about organizations.
  • A cohort of teaching experts in faith-based leadership.

Explore new ways of thinking and help your organization thrive in a complex, changing world. Contact us about a custom designed program for you and your organization.