Tyndale Athletics

Tyndale Athletics


The Athletics Department provides diverse programming for all levels of participation through intramural sports, fitness classes, special events, and clubs teams. The Launch of new teams, along with special event tournaments and Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Hockey intramurals are just some things on the horizon this year. All students, staff and faculty are encouraged to get involved!

Play Sports

If you love the thrill of a tied game with only a minute left on the clock or the rush of victory when you snap a losing streak, intramural sports are perfect for you. With sports such as  soccer, basketball, volleyball and hockey, there will always be something that you will enjoy.


Get Fit

Shed extra calories, build up your strength, or just maintain your body by being a part of one of the fitness programs.


Be Involved

Attend one of the many special events happening over the year that will challenge your athletic skills, build your relationship with friends, and just be a great time. Ultimate Frisbee, Liturgical Dance, and Flag Football are just a few of the events to look forward to.