Psychology Undergraduates Presenting at International Conferences

Friday, April 19, 2013

Four current Psychology undergraduates will be presenting their findings at an international conference called ABAI (Association for Behavioural Analysis International) on May 24–28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Drawing a population of 30,000 researchers, there is a wide range that covers many areas within the realm of behavioural science. The presentations at this conference include topics such as parenting, couples relationships, peer training and social skills of autistic children; Tyndale students are presenting on parenting stress in autism, relating to dyadic coping.

These students, including Jordan Best, Brianna Rodgers, Jennifer Scuse, and Darnette Anderson, had to engage in a rigorous application process involving the submission of a proposal which included the abstract of their research, hypothesis, and the study methods. The application then is brought before a review board of eight professionals in the field to determine the quality of the research.

Jordan Best says that, “Over the years my perspective has changed to an academic research model, where the professors work with students who work with other students to help us get to the place where we’re presenting at a conference. The opportunity is very humbling, and also a great honour, having professionals wanting you to talk about your research.”

Tyndale presents a unique opportunity due to small class sizes, providing the individualized attention that is required for students to engage in such academic endeavours. Last year students presented at the International Meeting for Autism Researchers in May and at the prestigious conference held at the Geneva centre in Toronto in October of 2012. 

Most undergraduate students are not given the chance to present at international conferences as they usually draw graduate students and faculty. The work these Tyndale students are doing is noticed because of the rare opportunity they have to present their research at major conferences such as the upcoming ABAI.


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