English: Writing and Communication Concentration

The Writing and Communication concentration within the Bachelor of Arts in English at Tyndale University College provides an opportunity to practise written, verbal and visual modes of expression. As well as gaining foundational skills in writing, persuasion, and critical thinking, you will be able to choose from electives taught by professional novelists, editors and filmmakers. Opportunities exist to hone your craft through hands-on experience in the field via a publishing or media internship in the city of Toronto, a centre of Canadian and international communication.

You will be able to use your experiential learning in the fields of writing and communication to contribute a faith-based perspective to public discourse. Examples include writing screenplays, news stories and other artistic expressions with a nuance of theological depth and a biblical perspective. You will also have a unique foundation for post-graduate work in areas such as creative writing, education, media studies, law, cultural studies and literature. A Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Writing and Communication will equip you to not only critically analyze culture but also generate various forms of media (such as print, speeches and films) that will impact and shape the future of our society.

For a future career as a:

  • Novelist
  • Parliamentary Speech Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Filmmaker
  • Digital Content Editor

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While a student, Conor Sweetman [BA English] had the opportunity to copy edit one professor’s work, write a chapter for another’s book and publish an article in a Christian journal.

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“What I love about literature is that you get to see history in action. You read stories of people who were at a battle or the poor and the rich during the Industrial Revolution strikes.” – Brent Bonvanie [BA Hons. English]. Brent is in his Masters at the University of Toronto with a focus on Victorian and Modern literature.