History and Global Studies

“I feel called to a career in advocacy representing people who are in need, and my career as a lawyer will always be built on that principle.” – Peter Adourian [BA Hons. History], Articling Lawyer

Immerse yourself in the stories of the civilizations and of the men and women who changed the course of history: revolutionaries, heroes, inventors and those who gave their lives for a noble cause. As you study their stories across the globe and through events in time, you will learn to see the world today in a new way. The expansive world view you develop will carry you into an exciting career.

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Global Studies will teach you to think critically and write persuasively about the political theories, social patterns and cultural traditions of the past so that you can make a difference for the future. Faculty members will engage you at a personal level and prepare you to make connections and communicate your own thoughts effectively so that you can be successful in graduate and professional school and/or in your career.

Graduates are working as

  • Lawyer
  • Analyst
  • Business Executive
  • Professor
  • Teacher
Desaree Rosskopf [BA Hons. History] received multiple scholarship offers to complete her Masters degree at schools including the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto.

Program Faculty

Dr. C. Brad Faught

Dr. Eric Crouse

Dr. Ian Gentles

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Connor Macdonald [BA History] is studying Public Policy in the Master’s program at Carleton University. He has a passion for Canadian foreign affairs and knows he can make a real difference for people in the developing world.