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Tyndale’s Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics focuses on the study of language structures. The program seeks to understand how language functions between the actual sounds of language and the meanings which we associate with those sounds.

Liberal Arts Linguistics

The Linguistic Program relates the science of language to its application in Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. Your Linguistics courses at Tyndale will help you better understand how language is used in your English literature, philosophy, psychology, and Biblical studies classes, creating a broad and deep undergraduate experience.

Broad Linguistic Perspectives

At Tyndale you will study the technical aspects of language in classes such as: Morphology: Introduction to Morphological Analysis and Syntax I: Introduction to Grammatical Analysis. You will also learn how to integrate what you are learning about language in courses such as Language and Society, Language and Culture Acquisition, and, the Philosophy of Language. Upon completion, Tyndale will have given you skills and knowledge in a wide range of linguistic specialties.

A Foundation for the Future

The BA Linguistics creates a solid foundation for a variety of fields: teaching, speech pathology, psychology, research, Bible translation, and literacy. Your understanding of language will deepen your appreciation of a variety of cultures, both ancient and modern, giving you a head start no matter where you choose to go after your BA at Tyndale.

Program Faculty

Dr. Myles Leitch

Dr. Paul Arsenault

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For a future career in »

  • Translation/Interpretation
  • International Development
  • ESL
  • Teaching
  • Speech Pathology
  • Psychology
  • Pure & Applied Research
  • Missions

Program Requirements

Major Requirements (36 Credit Hours)
  • [LING 1013] , [LING 1023] Introduction to Linguistics I, II
  • [LING 2013] Phonetics
  • [LING 2023] Morphology
  • [LING 2033] Phonology I
  • [LING 2043] Syntax I
  • [LING 3013] Language and Society
  • LING Elective (2000 or 3000 or 4000 Level) (3 Credit Hours)
  • LING Electives (3000 or 4000 Level) (9 Credit Hours)
  • LING Elective (4000 Level) (3 Credit Hours)
Core Requirements (48 Credit Hours) 
  • [INDS 1013] University Studies in Christian Perspective
  • Two of the Following: [ENGL 1013], [ENGL 1023], [ENGL 1033], [ENGL 1043], [ENGL 1713]
  • [HIST 1013], [HIST 1023] History of Western Civilization I, II
  • [INDS 4753] Christianity and Culture
  • [PHIL 1013], [PHIL 1023] History of Philosophy I, II
  • [BSTH 1013] Old Testament Scripture 
  • [BSTH 1023] New Testament Scripture   
  • [BSTH 2013] Hermeneutics   
  • [BSTH 2703] Introduction to Christian Theology
  • Fine Arts Elective (3 Credit Hours)
  • Natural Sciences Elective (3 Credit Hours)
  • Social Sciences Electives (6 Credit Hours) 
Electives (36 Credit Hours)

Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credit Hours

Program requirements subject to change.
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