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Minor in Christian Ministries - Pastoral


Pursue a minor in Christian Ministries - Pastoral to gain the tools to become a Pastor or to volunteer in church ministry. This minor can be combined with any major in Tyndale's BA program. Your classes will help develop a deeper Christian character that will equip you to minister to others.

Pastoral Professors

Many of your professors are currently serving as pastors. They will bring a passion for the ministry and life experience to your classes. Discuss real-life situations that arise in current ministries. Discover Biblical models and theological understanding of the issues in today's church. In this pastoral ministry program you will begin to acquire the skills needed in effective preaching, teaching and pastoral care.

Internship in Pastoral Ministry

Apply the lessons learned in your classes by participating in an internship in pastoral ministry. The internship will take place in an area of ministry you would like to explore as a career calling or volunteer opportunity. This experience will give a clearer understanding of what it means to pastor. Your faculty advisor and a field professional will be available to answer your questions as you develop your gifts in ministry.

For a future career as a »

  • Senior or Associate Pastor
  • Church Lay Leader
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Para-church Worker
  • Teacher

Program Requirements

In addition to your major requirements, you must complete (18 Credit Hours):
  • CHRI 2423 Pastoral Care and Procedures
  • CHRI 2413 Theology of Christian Worship
  • CHRI 3433 Preaching
  • CHRI 3453 Seminar in Pastoral Studies
  • CHRI 3493 Internship in Pastoral Ministry
  • Plus 1 course (3 Credit Hours) from:
    • CHRI 3323 Youth at Risk
    • CHRI 2393 Foundations of Family Ministry
    • CHRI 3383 Special Topics in Youth Ministry
    • CHRI 3223 Children’s Ministry
    • CHRI 3413 Evangelism
    • CHRI 3213 Principles and Practices of Teaching
Program requirements subject to change.
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