Seminary Courses

The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. You can also see the course schedule for specific terms.

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Course codesort ascending Course Name/Description
THEO 0899 Thesis Research and Writing
See the Thesis Handbook for details.
THEO 0870 Directed Reading and Research
Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course...
THEO 0799 Theology Thesis
See the Thesis Handbook for details.
THEO 0785 Christianity and Islam: Theological Reflection
Same as MISS 0785.
THEO 0763 Studying History Where it Happened: Study Tour
Same as HIST 0763.
THEO 0738 Contemporary Religious Movements
An analysis and discussion of new religions with a focus on their relationship to the historic Christian faith. This course involves personal...
THEO 0737 World Religions
Begins with an introduction to different responses to world religions. We will then examine crucial guidelines in the study of other...
THEO 0670-0675 Special Topics in Theology
Examination of specific topics in theology.
THEO 0668 Globalization and the Church: Missional Theology in a Postmodern Culture
Same as MISS 0586.
THEO 0656 Evil and Suffering
Examines philosophical, theological, biblical and pastoral perspectives on the problem of evil and suffering. The problems related to...
THEO 0653 Creation, New Creation, and Creation Stewardship
Studies the theology of salvation, particularly as it relates to the place of the created order in God's redemptive plan and the meaning...
THEO 0649 Theology of the Reformation
Investigates the theology of three foundational foci of evangelical understanding: Luther, Calvin and the English reformers (Ridley and...
THEO 0646 Theology of the Human Person
Acquaints students with the theology of the human person. It focuses on biblical and doctrinal issues that bear upon such questions as, What...
THEO 0643 The Life and Work of Charles Wesley
Examines the life, spiritual formation, poetic genius and theological contribution of Charles Wesley through an investigation of his sermons...
THEO 0637 Protestant Spiritual Traditions
Same as SPIR 0610.
THEO 0636 Theology of John Calvin
Examines closely Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. Topics such as the knowledge of God, Trinity, Scriptures, providence,...
THEO 0635 Early English Protestant Spirituality
Same as HIST 0764 and SPIR 0635.
THEO 0634 Theology of Martin Luther
Examines the key works of Luther, as well as major themes in the Wittenberger's theology (e.g., the righteousness of God, the theology...
THEO 0631 Advanced Christian Doctrine
A seminar in systematic theology in which one major Christian doctrine, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, Christ, salvation, etc., is...
THEO 0629 John Wesley's Theology: Renewing the Heart, Renewing the Church
An examination of the life and thought of John Wesley, and of early Methodism as a movement of evangelism, renewal and mission within the...
THEO 0623 Theology of Church Renewal: Movements of the Spirit
Same as MISS 0623.
THEO 0609 Prayer and the People of God
Same as SPIR 0609.
THEO 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course...
THEO 0539 Philosophy for Understanding Theology
Acquaints students with the history of philosophy from pre-Socratics to modernity, especially where the history of thought intersects with...
THEO 0537 Contemporary Theology
A survey of major theological developments from the 19th to the 21st century. Topics covered may include liberal Protestantism,...