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The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. To view the course schedule for specific terms please visit the Registrar's website
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SPIR 0529 Spiritual Warfare
A study of the biblical data related to the demonic. Practical application to Christian living regarding...
SPIR 0504 Pentecostal Spirituality
Same as PENT 504.
PENT 0999 Pentecostal Studies Thesis
See the Thesis Handbook for details.
PENT 0736 Healing in the New Testament
After a brief survey of the Old Testament, explores the theme of healing in the New Testament...
PENT 0701 Pentecostal Issues
An intensive examination through discussion, research, and writing of one current theological issue...
PENT 0670 Special Topics in Pentecostal Studies
Examination of specific topics in Pentecostal studies.
PENT 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Independent study with an instructor, involving tutorials and a research paper.
PENT 0525 Acts of the Apostles: The Church, the Spirit, and the Mission of God
Same as NEWT 525.
PENT 0520 1 Corinthians: Paul's Letter to a Community in Chaos
Same as NEWT 723.
PENT 0508 Church Planting
Presents the theology and methodology of starting new churches in Canada. Exposure to various models of...
PENT 0507 Luke
Same as NEWT 725.
PENT 0506 Growing Healthy Churches
Explores the theology and methodology of growing healthy churches for the 21st century. It...
PENT 0505 Pentecostal Theology
An examination of classical Pentecostal theology with references to the early evangelical influences...
PENT 0504 Pentecostal Spirituality
Offers a fresh, constructive, and perhaps even controversial interpretation and re-envisioning of...
PENT 0503 Luke's Charismatic Theology
The work of the Holy Spirit has long been recognized as fundamental to the interests of...
PENT 0502 Pastoral Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
Examines the theological and practical aspects of pastoral ministry. In...
PENT 0501 Introduction to Pentecostalism
Analyzes the nature and the impact of the Pentecostal/charismatic movement. The lectures,...
PAST I814 Pastoral Care in a Missional Framework
Seeks to refine student skills in key areas of pastoral care and oversight, such as...
PAST 0750 Pastoring in the Chinese Church
Same as CHIN 602
PAST 0749 Growing Healthy Churches
Same as PENT 506.
PAST 0743 Spiritual Care of the Dying and Grieving
Examines the psychological and theological aspects of dying in order to better...
PAST 0741 Pastoral Counselling and Crisis Intervention
Provides an introduction to basic pastoral care within the context of the...
PAST 0739 Topics in Preaching
Designed to deepen our understanding of preaching as a theological and pastoral activity of the Church...
PAST 0701 Pastoral Ministry Major Internship
See Academic Programs (above) for general information on the Tyndale Seminary...
PAST 0693 Evangelism and Discipleship
Same as YMIN 693.