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The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. To view the course schedule for specific terms please visit the Registrar's website
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HIST 0544 Spiritual Classics
Same as SPIR 0544.
HIST 0545 Early Christian Spirituality
Spirituality, seen as integration and peace in life, surged into popularity in the West in...
HIST 0561 History of Christianity I
Long before the year 1500, global Christianity stretched from Iceland and Ireland to Mongolia...
HIST 0562 History of Christianity II
The excitement and the trauma of the reformation period in Europe extended over two hundred...
HIST 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Independent study with an instructor involving tutorials and a research paper. Permission...
HIST 0639 Celtic Spirituality
Same as SPIR 0639.
HIST 0660 Healing in the Christian Tradition
Human experience has been dogged by disease and injury, prompting universal attempts to...
HIST 0663 History of Missions
Same as MISS 0663.
HIST 0665 History of Evangelicalism
Examines the evangelical movement from its inauguration in the era of John Wesley, George...
HIST 0670 Special Topics in Christian History
Examination of specific topics in church history.
HIST 0680 Chinese Church History
Same as CHIN 0503.
HIST 0763 Studying History Where it Happened: Study Tour
Tyndale sponsors course tours to various places at which events of...
HIST 0764 Early English Protestant Spirituality
Same as SPIR 0635 and THEO 0635.
HIST 0766 The Life and Work of Charles Wesley
Same as THEO 0643.
HIST I808 History of Christianity I
This two-part course examines the major movements, events and ideas in the development of...
HIST I809 History of Christianity II
This two-part course examines the major movements, events and ideas in the development of...
HIST M509 History of Christianity I
A survey of the history of Christianity from the earliest days of the church through the first...
HIST M510 History of Christianity II
Surveys the history of Christianity from the time of the Reformation to the beginning of the...