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The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. To view the course schedule for specific terms please visit the Registrar's website
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NEWT 0728 New Testament Seminar
Contemporary issues in New Testament scholarship. Seminar with guided reading and a major research...
NEWT 0730 2 Corinthians
Examines 2 Corinthians to discover its profound teaching on the nature of true Christian ministry. Issues...
NEWT 0733 Luke's Charismatic Theology
Same as PENT 0503.
NEWT I801 Elementary Greek I
An intensive introduction to the fundamentals of Greek for the study of the New Testament. Intended for...
NEWT I802 Elementary Greek II
Continuation of NEWT I801. Prerequisite: NEWT I801.
NEWT I803 Greek Exegesis I
Involves a second year of work with the Greek New Testament. This course is designed to sharpen...
NEWT I804 New Testament Theology and History
Provides an overview of the New Testament and moves toward developing an integrated...
NEWT I806 Greek Exegesis II: Ephesians
This course is a focused study of the book of Ephesians designed to sharpen exegetical skills...
NEWT M504 New Testament Theology and History
A study of the New Testament focusing on its overarching vision of God's mission...
NEWT M507 New Testament Book Study: Gospel
A detailed examination of one of the four Gospels.
NEWT M517 New Testament Book Study: Ephesians
A detailed examination of Paul's Letter to the Ephesians. Critical issues with...