Directed Reading and Research Courses

Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course offerings.

Tyndale Seminary offers students two types of DRR courses:

1. Standard DRR courses (independent reading and research courses, not audio-based);
2. Audio-based DRR courses

While standard DRR courses can be tailor-made to target specific area of interest, audio-based DRR courses are established courses that are offered through distance education. Standard DRR courses normally require meetings to discuss progress but audio-based DRR courses do not require physical presence on campus. 

All DRR courses adhere to the policies of the Academic Calendar and must be completed within one term.


Important Links

Questions about DRR courses should be directed to

For the comprehensive Tyndale policy on DRR courses, please see the ‘Seminary Policies’ section of the current Academic Calendar.

For a complete list of course descriptions, please see here.