Tyndale Student ID Card

Student ID Card

Your student ID card verifies your status as a Tyndale student. It is your primary piece of identification. It serves as your library card, is a reminder of your student ID number, mailbox number, and locker number (for Bachelor of Education students only). This card also serves as your photocopy card. If you are living on Tyndale residence, it is also your meal card and laundry card. Your student card serves as proof of enrolment for student discounts with external vendors. You should have your ID card with you every time you are on campus.

Photo Submissions

University College and Seminary Students:
Please email a photo of yourself to the Registrar’s Office by August 23, 2013. Submissions after this date may not be accepted. If you are living on residence, please make sure your photo is submitted so your card can be ready by Move-In Day. Late submissions or students who are accepted after August 23 may have to come to the Registrar’s Office and have their photo taken in person.

Bachelor of Education Students:
Please email a photo of yourself to the Registrar’s Office when you return your offer of admission. This will ensure your card is ready for Orientation. Bachelor of Education Orientation takes place on July 7, 2014.

Email submissions to registration@tyndale.ca must include the following information:

  • Your full, legal name
  • Student ID number
  • Program of study
  • The attached photo
  • The statement, “I verify this is an accurate photo of me.  Please use it for my student ID card.” 


Photos Do's

  • Colour photo
  • A clear picture of your face
  • Your head and body should face fully forward and be upright
  • A current photo
  • Like a passport photo (but you can smile)



Photo Don'ts

  • You should not be wearing a hat or sunglasses
  • Not a graduation photo
  • No one should be in the photo with you




ID Card Pick-Up

You will receive your photo card at Orientation. If you prefer to take your photo in person, please come to Registrar's Office before Orientation. Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions.