Tyndale Faculty Publications

Student Diversity and Theological Education

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Article in Theological Education

School: Seminary

Surely, All Are in Vain! Psalm 73 and Humanity Reaching out to God

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Text and Community: Essays in Memory of Bruce M. Metzger

School: Seminary

The Concept of Exile in Ancient Israel and its Historical Contexts

Dr. John Kessler, Chapter in Image of Exile: Representations of the 'Exile' and 'Empty Land' in Six-Fourth Century BCE Yehudite Literature

School: Seminary

The Divine Wanderer: Travel and Divinization in Late Antiquity

Dr. Ian Scott, Chapter in Religion and Travel in Antiquity

School: Seminary

The Johannine Son of Man and the Historical Jesus: Shall Ever the Twain Meet? John 9:35 as a Test Case

Dr. Benjamin Reynolds, Article in Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus

School: University College

The Legacy of David J. Bosch

Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston, Article in International Bulletin of Missionary Research

School: Seminary