Tyndale Faculty Publications

The Shaking of the Nations: An Eschatological View

Dr. John Kessler, Article in Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

The Use of the Son of Man Idiom in John

Dr. Benjamin Reynolds, Chapter in 'Who is this son of man?' The Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus

Theological Education in Asia: An Indigenous Agenda for Renewal

Dr. Yau Man Siew, Chapter in With an Eye on the Future: Development and Mission in the 21st Century: Essays in Honor of Ted W. Ward

Traditions in Transition: Haggai and Zechariah 1-8 in the Trajectory of Hebrew Theology

Dr. John Kessler, Chapter in Publication: Tradition, Continuity and Covenant in the Book of Haggai: an Alternative Voice from Early Persian Yehud

Uncovering the Isaian Personality: Wishful Thinking or Viable Task?

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Text and Community: Essays in Memory of Bruce M. Metzger

Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual

Dr. Barbara Leung Lai, Chapter in Global Voices: Reading the Bible in the Majority World