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Healing and Enrichment for You and Your Family

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About the Family Life Centre

Family-friendly hours
Affordable fee structure
Provided in six languages (English, French, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic)

For twenty years Tyndale Counselling Services has provided emotional, relational and academic support on Tyndale campus to thousands of students and their families. The establishment of the Tyndale Family Life Centre (FLC) grew out of a need to provide support, encouragement and helpful information to the larger community and members of the general public. FLC serves individuals, couples and families wanting to be more collaborative and effective in their personal and professional relationships.

Our Counselling Approach

We believe that healthy people create healthy families, and healthy families form the building blocks of healthy societies. Our mandate is to support families to thrive as they learn to love more deeply, heal from woundedness, reconcile and re-connect in the midst of life’s stresses.

We intentionally seek to understand every client's unique values and world view. We will never impose one. The Family Life Centre welcomes clients of all denominations, faiths and backgrounds. 

How We Can Help

  1. Guiding people of all ages and stages to enjoy healthier and more effective home and family relationships.
  2. Supporting the healing of homes and families across generations, cultures, creeds and communities.
  3. Working with individuals to help them to achieve greater career and professional relationship satisfaction.
  4. Enriching mental and spiritual health care practitioners in the GTA to further develop professional competencies in relational and spiritual client care.

What We Offer

  • Clinical counselling care to individuals, couples and families through Tyndale Counselling Services
  • Experienced professional counselling delivered in six languages (English, French, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean)
  • Marriage seminars and retreats
  • Enrichment workshops on topics like parenting, physical, spiritual and mental health, aging well, communication, self-awareness and esteem, budgeting, career development and community building
  • Adult children/family reconciliation
  • Professional development seminars for counsellors, therapists, spiritual directors, pastors and other mental and spiritual health care practitioners

Are You a Tyndale Student?

If you are a Tyndale student, contact Tyndale Counselling Services for services geared to support you and your loved ones.

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