How To: Conditional Access

Conditional Access

Conditional Access allows you to place conditions on your activites, resources, and sections that will control when a student can see the item.  This can be based on dates, grades of other activities, or completion of other activities.

  1. Turn Editing On

  1. Edit the Activity, Resource, or Section by selecting the Edit icon

  1. Scroll down the page to the Restrict Access section

  1. There are a few options to choose from:
    1. Allow access from – Set the date/time when the item becomes available to students
    2. Allow access until – Set the date/time when the item becomes unavailable to students
    3. Grade condition - Item will appear based on grade on an activity
    4. Activity completion condition – Item will appear after specific Activity / Resource has been marked complete.  See below for Activity Completion information
    5. Before activity can be accessed – Choose whether to hide from view, or show greyed out with information on when access is available.
  2. Select Save and Return to Course when complete
Activity Completion

Activity Completion allows you to track when a student has completed an activity or viewed a resource.  You can use this feature to track student progress or as a condition to access other features in the course.

Part I:  Enable Completion Tracking

  1. Select Edit Settings from Settings > Course Administration

  1. Scroll to the Student Progress section
  2. Set completion tracking to Enabled

  1. Select Save

Part II:  Set up the Completion Criteria

  1. Turn editing on
  2. Select the Activity / Resource you wish to add completion tracking to.  Note:  Sections cannot be tracked for completion.
  3. Scroll to the Activity completion section

  1. There are a few options to choose from (not all options display on every activity)
    1. Completion Tracking – Choose your level of tracking
      1. Do not indicate activity completion
      2. Student can manually mark the activity as completed
      3. Show activity as complete when conditions are met
    2. Require view – Student must view this activity to complete it
    3. Require grade – Student must receive a grade to complete this activity
    4. Require posts – Student must post discussion or replies [count]
    5. Require discussions – Student must create discussions: [count]
    6. Require replies – Student must post replies [count]
    7. Expect completed on – This is for the instructor’s reference only
  2. Select Save and return to course when complete

Part III:  Using Completion as a Condition

  1. Select the Section or Activity / Resource you wish to add a condition to

  1. Scroll to the Restrict access section

  1. Select the Activity completion condition (Activity that will affect availability of this section or activity / resource).  Note:  Having more than one activity completion condition may cause unexepected behaviours on your course page.
  2. Select Save and return to course when complete