Community Chapel - Dr. George Sumner

About Dr. George Sumner

As Principal of Wycliffe College, George Sumner assumes administrative duties, travelling and preaching on behalf of the institution. George also teaches missiology and He is currently working on an introduction to theology. George’s academic background is in systematic theology. He has served in various pastoral roles – as a missionary teacher in an evangelical Anglican theological college in Tanzania, as pastor on a native reserve, and as parish priest in a small town. He is an honorary assistant at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Toronto.

Some of his major publications include: The First and the Last: the Claim of Jesus Christ and the Claims of Other Religious Traditions (2004), Unwearied Praises (2005) (co-author), Being Salt: A Theology of an Ordered Church, and Daniel, a Commentary in the Brazos Series (2012)

George and his wife Stephanie, a psychotherapist, have two children. He also enjoys playing squash and following the Boston Red Sox. Principal Sumner is a Canon to the Dioceses of Toronto and Saskatchewan.