» Minor in Christian Ministries - Youth

Minor in Christian Ministries - Youth


Receive practical training and experience in youth ministry when you pursue a minor in Christian Ministries - Youth. Available to any BA student at Tyndale, this minor will equip you to contribute to a youth ministry with practical tools in-hand. Whether you want to be a youth pastor or you want to volunteer, your courses will prepare you for leading youth.

Experienced Professors

Learn from people experienced in youth ministry - these are professors who are working with youth even as they teach your classes. Be challenged as you discuss real-life situations.  Learn about the different components involved in youth ministry. Gain an understanding of working in varying contexts. Become more comfortable with the different aspects of youth ministry with courses such as: Preaching, The Practice of Youth Ministry and Canadian Youth Culture.

Internship in Youth Ministry ¹

In your third or fourth year you will complete an internship in youth ministry. You will gain practical experience while being supervised by your faculty advisor and a field professional. This will allow you to apply the skills you have learned in your classes in real-life situations.  Internships require 210 hours of work and may be completed over more than one semester.

Receive practical skills while you gain a firm theological grounding. Be equipped for youth ministry with a minor in Christian Ministries - Youth. See how you will grow spiritually, academically and in your understanding of youth.

¹ PAONL program students will register instead for the Internship in Pentecostal Ministry that corresponds to their chosen minor. Details may be found on the Pentecostal Studies page.

For a future career as a »

  • Youth Pastor
  • Youth Crisis Worker
  • Youth Group Volunteer
  • Outreach Worker
  • Teacher

Program Requirements

Minor Requirements (18 Credit Hours):
  • [CHRI 121] Ministry Today
  • [CHRI 339] Internship in Youth Ministry
  • [CHRI 344] Seminar in Ministry
  • Three of
    • [CHRI 241] Theology of Christian Worship
    • [CHRI 321] Principles and Practices of Teaching
    • [CHRI 322] Children’s Ministry
    • [CHRI 331] Canadian Youth Culture
    • [CHRI 332] Youth at Risk
    • [CHRI 338] Special Topics in Youth Ministry
    • [CHRI 341] Evangelism
    • [CHRI 343] Preaching
    • [CHRI 361] Global Christianity
    • [PSYC 211] Developmental Psychology I
Program requirements subject to change.
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