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Holiness Tradition (Article: 2016) Dr. James Pedlar 9781442244313
American Christian Support for Israel: Standing with the Chosen People, 1948-1975 (Book: 2015) Dr. Eric Crouse 9780739197189
Caring for the Stranger in our Midst (Article: 2014) Dr. Mark Chapman
Site Report: Toronto. The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration (Article: 2014) Dr. Mark Chapman
Creating a World of Welcome: On Mission at Home (Article: 2016) Dr. Mark Chapman 2369-9477
The Church and the Missionary Family: a Case Study of Issues of Long-Term Mutual Accountability, from a Korean Perspective (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Minho Song 978-0-9726605-6-3
The Diaspora Experience of the Korean Church and its Implications for World Missions (Chapter: 2011) Dr. Minho Song 978-1-870345-89-7
Direction for Korean Immigrant Churches in Canada (Chapter: 2008) Dr. Minho Song 978-89-398-3357-9
Contextualization and Discipleship: Closing the Gap between Theory and Practice (Article: 2006) Dr. Minho Song 0144-8153
A Reflection on the Spirituality of David Bosch (Article: 2003) Dr. Minho Song 0119-3228
Apologetics of Matteo Ricci: Lessons from the Past (Article: 2002) Dr. Minho Song 0119-3228
Constructing a Local Theology for a Second Generation Korean Ministry (Article: 1997) Dr. Minho Song 1056-7216
“O Boundless Salvation”: Save Souls, Grow Saints, and Serve Suffering Humanity – The Army's Holistic Vision (Chapter: 2016) Dr. James Pedlar 9781842278451
Climbing the Spiritual Mountain (Book: 2014) Dr. Alan Davey, Dr. Elizabeth Davey 978-1-62564-749-8
A Persevering Witness: The Poetry of Margaret Avison (Book: 2016) Dr. Elizabeth Davey 978-1-4982-2392-8
Veiled Intent: Dissenting Women's Aesthetic Approach to Biblical Interpretation (Book: 2016) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9781620324127
Father, Eternal and Unchanging (Article: 2015) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 0310422469
Glimpsing the Mystery: The Book of Daniel (Book: 2016) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 9781577997740
Retroflex consonant harmony: An areal feature in South Asia (Article: 2015) Dr. Paul Arsenault 2196-0771
Retroflex harmony in Kalasha: Agreement or spreading? (Article: 2011) Dr. Paul Arsenault 978-1468132878
The Economic Actions of the Holy Spirit in Luther's Sermons on the Gospel of John (Chapter: 2016) Dr. Dennis Ngien 0011-2186
Louise Pettibone Smith (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Grace Ko
Theodicy in Habakkuk (Book: 2014) Dr. Grace Ko 9781842278505
The Making of a Missiologist: Formative Influences in the Early Life of David Bosch (Chapter: 2014) Dr. Kevin Livingston 978-1573834971
Renewing our vision for mission (Article: 1996) Dr. Kevin Livingston
When the Spirit Came Upon Them (Review: 2003) Dr. Bradley Noel
Gordon Fee and the Challenge to Pentecostal Hermeneutics: 30 Years Later (Article: 2004) Dr. Bradley Noel
The Spirit Said Go (Review: 2007) Dr. Bradley Noel
Dealing With War Trauma: A Do No Harm Perspective (Chapter: 2000) Dr. Rupen Das
Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Iraq:The Impact of War and Sanction on the Civilian Population (Article: 2007) Dr. Rupen Das
Humanitarian Space in Unconventional Warfare (Chapter: 2007) Dr. Rupen Das
Book Review - Remember the Poor: Paul, Poverty and the Greco-Roman World (Review: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
God and Refugees: Foundations for Hope (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
The Impact of the Local Church Showing Compassion: Lessons from the Syrian Crisis (Article: 2015) Dr. Rupen Das
Refugees: Exploring Theological and Missiological Foundations (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
Relevance and Faithfulness: Challenges in Contextualizing Theological Education (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon (Book: 2011) Dr. Rupen Das 978-9953-530-36-9
Connecting Curriculum with Context: A Handbook for Context Relevant Curriculum Development in Theological Education (Book: 2015) Dr. Rupen Das 976-1-78368-068-9
Compassion and the Mission of God: Revealing the Invisible Kingdom (Book: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das 976-1-78366-114-3
Renew: A Basic Guide for a Personal Retreat (Book: 2015) Dr. David Sherbino 192735572-9
Living, Dying, Living Forever (Book: 2014) Dr. David Sherbino 9781927355541
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette Baker Academic
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9780801033568
Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide (Chapter: 2012) Dr. Natasha Duquette 9780801033568
Sublimer Aspects: Interfaces between Literature, Aesthetics, and Theology (Book: 2007) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1847183361
Julia, a novel interspersed with poetical pieces (Book: 2009) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1851966622
Jane Austen and the Arts: Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony (Book: 2013) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1611461374
Kitchener: Hero and Anti-Hero (Book: 2016) Dr. C. Brad Faught 1784533505
Comparing the Effects of Traditional vs. Misconceptions-Based Instruction on Student Understanding of the Greenhouse Effect (Article: 2014) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 1089-9995
Pentecostalism, Secularism, and Post-Christendom (Book: 2015) Dr. Bradley Noel 9781498229364