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Paul's Way of Knowing: Story, Experience, and the Spirit (Book: 2008) Dr. Ian Scott 978-0801036095
Pentecostal and Postmodern Hermeneutics (Book: 2010) Dr. Bradley Noel 9781606089057
Pentecostalism, Secularism, and Post-Christendom (Book: 2015) Dr. Bradley Noel 9781498229364
Politics of the Cross: The Theology and Social Ethics of John Howard Yoder (Book: 2001) Dr. Craig Carter 978-1587430107
Ponder and Pray (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667036
Profiles of Poverty: The Human Face of Poverty in Lebanon (Book: 2011) Dr. Rupen Das 978-9953-530-36-9
Prophets, Prophecy and Prophetic Texts in Second Temple Judaism (Chapter: 2006) Dr. John Kessler 0567027805
Psalm 44 and the Function of Lament and Protest (Article: 2007) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Re:Connect: Spiritual Exercises to Develop Intimacy (Book: 2008) Dr. David Sherbino 9780978136611
Reconsidering the Relationship between Biblical and Systematic Theology in the New Testament (Book: 2014) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds 978-3-16-152719-7
Refugees: Exploring Theological and Missiological Foundations (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
Relevance and Faithfulness: Challenges in Contextualizing Theological Education (Article: 2016) Dr. Rupen Das
Religion, Globalization and Culture edited by Peter Beyer and Lori Beaman (Review: 2010) Dr. Mark Chapman
Religions A to Z: A Guide to the 100 Most Influential Religious Movements (Book: 2005) Dr. James Beverley 978-1418505738
Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue (Review: 2017) Dr. Natasha Duquette
Remittances, mobile phones and informality: Insights from Cameroon (Article: 2016 ) Dr. Nathanael Ojong 2042-1346
Renew: A Basic Guide for a Personal Retreat (Book: 2015) Dr. David Sherbino 192735572-9
Renewing our vision for mission (Article: 1996) Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston
Resilience and Dynamism of Embedded Financial Transactions in Cameroon (Article: 2017) Dr. Nathanael Ojong 1946-326X
Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective (Book: 2007) Dr. Craig Carter 978-1587431593
Retroflex consonant harmony: An areal feature in South Asia (Article: 2015) Dr. Paul Arsenault 2196-0771
Retroflex harmony in Kalasha: Agreement or spreading? (Article: 2011) Dr. Paul Arsenault 978-1468132878
Retroflexion in South Asia: Typological, genetic, and areal patterns (Article: 2017) Dr. Paul Arsenault
Revelation and Human Artefact: The Inspiration of the Pentateuch in the Book of Aristeas (Article: 2010) Dr. Ian Scott 00472212
Revival in the City: The Impact of American Evangelists in Canada, 1884-1914 (Book: 2005) Dr. Eric Crouse 978-0773528987
Revivalists: Marketing the gospel in English Canada, 1884-1957 by Kevin B. Kee (Review: 2008) Dr. Mark Chapman
Seasons of grace: Pathways from wilderness to wonder (Book: 2000) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978-1894667012
Sensing the Spirit: Wesley’s Empiricism and his Use of the Language of Spiritual Sensation (Article: 2012) Dr. James Pedlar 1090-5642
Serve the Lord with Gladness (Chapter: 1991) Dr. Yau Man Siew 981-00-2804-0
Sexuality and Politics: The Motif of the Displaced Husband in 1-2 Samuel (Article: 200) Dr. John Kessler
Site Report: Toronto. The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration (Article: 2014) Dr. Mark Chapman
Social Origins of Religion By Roger Bastide (Review: 2004) Dr. Mark Chapman
Soil Science Education for Grades K-12 in Canada (Article: 2016) Dr. Doug Hayhoe
Soldiers, Writers and Statesmen of the English Revolution (Book: 1998) Dr. Ian Gentles 978-0521038751
Speaking the Truth in Love (Article: 2016) Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston
Spirituality and Public Character: A Qualitative Cross-Sectional Study of Master of Divinity Students in Toronto (Article: 2002) Dr. Yau Man Siew
Spirituality and Public Character: A Qualitative Cross-Sectional Study of Master of Divinity Students in Toronto (Article: 2002) Dr. Yau Man Siew
Student Diversity and Theological Education (Article: 2002) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai
Sublimer Aspects: Interfaces between Literature, Aesthetics, and Theology (Book: 2007) Dr. Natasha Duquette 978-1847183361
Surely, All Are in Vain! Psalm 73 and Humanity Reaching out to God (Chapter: 2007) Dr. Barbara Leung Lai 1906055181
Surprising Facts About Soils, Students and Teachers! A Survey of Educational Research and Resources (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Doug Hayhoe 978-94-007-5961-9
Teach Me Your Paths: Studies in Old Testament Literature and Theology (Book: 2001) Dr. John Kessler 978-1894667050
The 'One Like a Son of Man' According to the Old Greek of Daniel 7,13-14 (Article: 2008) Dr. Benjamin Reynolds
The American Evangelical Story: A History of the Movement by Douglas A. Sweeney (Review: 2007) Dr. Mark Chapman
The Book of Haggai: Prophecy and Society in Early Persian Yehud (Book: 2002) Dr. John Kessler 978-9004124813
The Church and the Missionary Family: a Case Study of Issues of Long-Term Mutual Accountability, from a Korean Perspective (Chapter: 2013) Dr. Minho Song 978-0-9726605-6-3
The Church of Scientology: A History of a New Religion (Review: Forthcoming) Dr. Mark Chapman
The Committed Self: An Introduction to Existentialism for Christians (Book: 2015) Dr. Victor Shepherd 978 1 77236 000 4
The Competencies and Limitations of Science (Chapter: 2015) Dr. Doug Hayhoe
The Concept of Exile in Ancient Israel and its Historical Contexts (Chapter: 2010) Dr. John Kessler 3110221772