Graduation Information

Fall 2016 Convocation

Changes to the Fall Convocation Ceremony

The Registrar's Office would like to inform you of changes to our Fall Convocation (Graduation) activities. Effective immediately, a formal convocation ceremony will not be held in November of every year. Instead, the Registrar's Office will hold a "paper graduation" for students who are hoping to graduate in the fall.

Students who apply and are eligible to graduate in the fall will receive their degree from the Registrar's Office. The conferral date printed on the degree and on their transcripts will be November of each year. All students who graduate in November will have the option of joining the formal convocation ceremony for their respective school in the following year. They can also attend the Convocation Chapel at the end of the winter semester in the following year as well. Students will have the option to RSVP to both events in the fall graduation application.

Intention to Graduate Application

If you have already completed or will complete your program requirements by the end of August 2016, you are eligible to apply to graduate. Please click on the link below to begin. The deadline to apply is August 31, 2016.

Apply here


Free Grad Audit

A Tyndale graduate is someone who has completed all of their course requirements, submitted an 'Intention to Graduate' application, and have been approved to graduate by the Registrar's Office from a degree program at Tyndale. As a graduate, you are eligible to audit one free course after convocation, without a time limit. To register for your free graduation audit, fill out a registration form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.  Note that some restrictions apply on audit courses.