Council Members

Council Members 2013



Arleen G.
Position: President
Program: M.Div Clinical Counselling
Year: 3rd Year
Hometown: San Salvador (El Salvador); Kitchener
Favourite Tyndale Class: Systematic Theology
Favourite Foods: Pupasas & Sushi!


Chris C.
Position: Vice President (VP)
Program: M.Div Clinical Counselling
Year: 3rd Year
Hometown: Sharbot Lake (Ontario)
Favourite Tyndale Class: History of Christianity
Favourite Foods: Maple Syrup, Desserts and Meat


Jamie S.
Position: Administrator
Program: MDiv. Clinical Counselling
Year:  2nd Year
Home state: Newark, Maryland
Favourite Food: Spaghetti


Noah M.
Position: International Students Coordinator
Program: M.Div
Year: 2nd Year
Home country: Uganda



Gilbert T.
Position: Prayer Coordinator
Program: M.Div Pastoral Studies
Year: 2nd Year
Hometown: Toronto
Favourite Tyndale Class: Leadership Development ("Leadership for Dummies")
Favourite Foods: Potato Bread & Garden Salad


Amy F.
Position: Student Life Coordinator
Program: Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
Year: 2nd Year
Hometown: Burlington
Favourite Foods: Oxtail, Butter Chicken, & Watermelon


Stephen H.
Position: Treasurer
Program: MDiv. Biblical Studies
Year: 3'rd Year
Hometown: Ottawa
Favourite Tyndale Class: OT Hist. & Theo.
Favourite  Foods: Fruit



Joan DeVries
Position: Dean of Students (Seminary)
Hometown: Vancouver; Burlington
Favourite  Foods: Mediterranean Cuisine

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