Council Members

Council Members 2016-17

Camille Wong-Best (President)
Program: M.Div In-Ministry *Also Full Time Wife*
Nickname(s): Cams, Cammy, Mrs. Best
Favourite Colours: Teal, Turquoise, Aquamarine
Favourite TV Show: Law & Order SVU
Something Unique about Yourself: My cultural background is Jamaican Chinese.
Why are You on Council? Tyndale has been so significant and instrumental to the call of God in my life. It’s a place where I can be my authentic self and a place of self-discovery. Our goal is to listen to students on how we can engage them more and build deeper community. Tyndale Seminary has the potential to be a community of students that strengthens connections, not only academically, but in all facets of life, by working, learning and growing for the Gospel of Christ.

Nupur James (Vice President)
Program: M.Div. (Pastoral Ministry)
Nickname(s): Nup, Miss James
Favorite Colours: Red, Purple
Favorite TV Show: White Collar, Gilmore Girls
Something Unique about Yourself: I have a degree in aeronautical engineering, so I can build a drone for you if you like.
Why are You on Council? Tyndale has been a place I have called home for last two years, it has helped me in a lot of ways. It is a place where I have learnt hardest lessons of my life and have experienced one of the best moments. As a part of student council I would like to help in bringing the stronger sense of community, where people will feel belonged and will able to grow together.

Kyle Chatzis-Fox (Program Chair & Treasurer)
Program: M. Div in Clinical Counselling *Also Full Time Pokemon Master*
Nickname(s): Wolf, Fox, Foxy, etc.
Favourite Pokémon: Umbreon
Something Unique about Yourself: I sculpt using plasticine. Weird, I know. I usually always have clay on me. And no, it is not a stress-reliever.
Why are You on Council? I like to meet new people and specifically help the new counselling majors find their way around Tyndale. If you have any questions about your major, classes, teachers, etc. Feel free to seek me out. I am always around the school willing to stop and chat.

Charlotte A. Chung (Program Chair)
Program: MTS (Theology focus)
Nickname(s): Cha
Favorite Films: Citizen Kane, It's a Wonderful Life, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar
Favorite TV Shows: F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Lost, Alias, 24, NCIS
Something Unique about Yourself: Canada is the fourth country I’ve lived. I moved here last July 2015. Born in the Philippines. Worked as a CPA at Bermuda and Cayman Islands. I love being an aunt to my 6 and 2 year old nieces. 
Why are You on Council? God is doing a lot of work in many students’ hearts and minds. I found it challenging to unpack my beliefs against Church history, Theology, etc. More challenging was to leave my previous professional life to follow God here in seminary. I joined the student council believing that God has a lot more in store for the seminary experience through the collective experience of God’s transforming work in the student body. Suggestions welcome! I’m listening.

Amie Latta (Program Chair)
Program: M. Div in Clinical Counselling
My Life also Consists of: Being a wife and working alongside my husband in a ministry context, being a mother to two beautiful little girls and spending time with my family and friends. 
Nickname(s): I tend to accept any incorrect spelling of my name as nicknames (ie. Amy, Aimee, AME)
Favourite Past Time: Sharing a coffee or meal with anyone who will let me.
Things I Love to do with My Free Time: DIY projects, Thrift shopping, crochet, scrapbooking, eating a meal that I did not cook, spending time with my husband and kids, visiting family and friends
Something Unique about Yourself: Since my hair continues to turn gray both in quantity and quality as I age, I like to consider each strand of hair as beautiful glitter sprouting from my head displaying the bountiful amount of wisdom I possess.
Why are You on Council? Every seminary student has his or her own personal story that brought them to the point of enrolling at Tyndale Seminary. Just like everyone, I too have a story which tells how God orchestrated multiple faucets of my life to allow me to be a student for the third time in my life. While I could view my life as hectic with the multiple roles that I currently play and the tugging of little children at my feet, I know that God has me right where he wants me to be. Through His strength and courage, I desire to build into the church body at Tyndale Seminary. I want to use my gifts and talents on the campus of Tyndale to better service the growing seminary community. I seek to establish fruitful connections, not only between the current student body but future seminarians as well. I am very thankful for the opportunity that God has given me to serve on behalf of the Tyndale Seminary Council.

Helen Lenz (Program chair)
Program: M. Div. Spiritual Formation
Nickname(s): Helenz, Helen-melon, Mercedes Lenz
Favourite Colour: Green
Three Albums I’d Need on a Survival Playlist: Rumours – Fleetwood Mac, The Blue Album – Weezer, Northwest Passage – Stan Rogers
Something Unique about Yourself: I’m a chick who drives stick.
Why are you on council? I love Tyndale, and the people of Tyndale. I think that the seminary students here have a lot to offer each other, and many of us are longing for deeper connection amongst ourselves as an added dimension for application of the formation that is occurring in us through our classes. I see a huge potential for community at the seminary beyond what exists already, and would love to see that come to fruition in its fullness!