Guideline for Facilitating Group Reflection

During the Ministry Reflection Seminars, small group facilitators may choose to follow or adapt this sample outline to guide the conversation and enhance the reflective process with one another.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Select a way of opening the seminar in a manner of your own choosing.

  • Offer an opening prayer or meditation inviting God into the reflection process.

  • Allow opportunity for the Presenter to update or elaborate on the report.


Clarifying Questions

  • What further information is critical to understanding this situation? (Distinguish between critical information and tangential information based on curiosity).

  • What “facts” are presented and what appears to be assumed or believed?


Identifying Key Issues
  • What key issues/themes has the presenter identified?

  • Are there other key issues that you see as important in this situation that the presenter has not named?

  • Are there questions the presenter has not asked?


Reflecting Theologically
  • What can be affirmed, added, or probed, in terms of the presenter’s theological reflection?

  • What other theological themes or Biblical passages come to mind?

  • What insights can you offer to the presenter based on your own studies, standpoint, personal knowledge, and your own theological perspective?


Assessing Learning
  • What specific ministry responses or follow-up actions might the presenter consider in the light of the reflection that has taken place?

  • What insights into the practice of ministry have surfaced from this reflection?


  • Allow the presenter to respond to the feedback and input of the group.

  • Allow each group member to respond to the question: What aspect of this discussion resonates most with my own ministry experience?

  • Allow opportunity for prayers to be offered for the presenter, for the people involved in the experience, and for all group members.