Tyndale Faculty Publications

Hebrew Education through Feast and Festivals

Dr. Yau Man Siew, Article in Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education

Hebrews 1 and the Son Begotten ‘Today’

Dr. Madison Pierce, Chapter in Retrieving Eternal Generation

Hebrews 3.7–4.11 and the Spirit’s Speech to the Community

Dr. Madison Pierce, Chapter in Muted Voices of the New Testament: Readings in the Catholic Epistles and Hebrews

Holiness Tradition

Dr. James Pedlar, Article in Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States

Humanitarian Space in Unconventional Warfare

Dr. Rupen Das, Chapter in Helping Hands & Loaded Arms: Navigating the Military and Humanitarian Space

I'm Listening (Psalm 119)

Rev. Dr. Kevin Livingston, Article in Enrich: Leadership Magazine of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada