Tyndale Faculty

Dr. Melissa Davis

Assistant Professor of Music & Worship Arts
 University College Faculty
» mdavis@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2178

Dr. Richard Davis

Professor of Philosophy
 University College Faculty
» rdavis@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2124

Prof. Dale Dawson

Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology
 University College Faculty
» ddawson@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Dr. Natasha Duquette

Associate Academic Dean
 University College Faculty
» nduquette@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2268

Dr. Susan Ellfeldt

Assistant Professor of Counselling
 Seminary Faculty
» sellfeldt@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6787

Dr. C. Brad Faught

Professor of History and Global Studies
 University College Faculty
» bfaught@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6759

Dr. Rocky Fong

Adjunct Professor of New Testament (CCST)
 Seminary Faculty
» rfong@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Dr. C. Robert Foster

Assistant Professor of Education
 University College Faculty
» rfoster@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2256

Dr. W. Paul Franks

Associate Professor of Philosophy
 University College Faculty
» pfranks@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6782

Dr. Ian Gentles

Distinguished Professor, Department of History and Global Studies
 University College Faculty
» igentles@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6718