Tyndale Faculty

Dr. Nancy Ross

Associate Professor of Psychology
 University College Faculty
» nross@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2708

Dr. Daniel Scott

Associate Professor of Christian Ministries
 University College Faculty
» dscott@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6740

Dr. Ian Scott

Associate Professor of New Testament
 Seminary Faculty
» iscott@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6719

Dr. Paul Scuse

Associate Professor of Counselling
 Seminary Faculty
» pscuse@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6785

Dr. Robert Shaughnessy

Adjunct Professor of Christian Ministry
 Seminary Faculty
» rshaughnessy@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2239

Dr. Victor Shepherd

Professor of Theology
 Seminary Faculty
» Vshep@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6726

Dr. David Sherbino

Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry
 Seminary Faculty
» dsherb@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6741

Dr. Yau Man Siew

Associate Professor of Christian Education and Formation
 Seminary Faculty
» ysiew@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6750

Dr. Minho Song

Adjunct Professor of Ministry and Mission
 Seminary Faculty
» msong@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Prof. Kern Stanberry

Adjunct Professor of Counselling
 Seminary Faculty
» kstanberry@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2106