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First Name Last Name Ext. Department View
Giovanna Andrews 2259 B.Ed [view]
Paul Arsenault 2168 UC Faculty [view]
Peter Au 2192 CCST [view]
Amanda Azarbehi 2174 UC Faculty [view]
Ken Badley 0 B.Ed [view]
Lina Balsamo 2121 Centre for Academic Excellence [view]
Brian Bertrim 2164 Campus Operations [view]
James Beverley 6706 Seminary Faculty [view]
Joseph Bishay 2171 UC Faculty [view]
Nathan Bonney 4104 Admissions [view]
Paul Bramer 2272 DMin Program [view]
Doug Bronson 0 Counselling [view]
James Brooks 2160 Student Life [view]
Trevor Brown 2229 B.Ed [view]
Karen Bryan 0 Counselling [view]
Gary Campbell 2177 Financial Aid [view]
Craig Carter 6732 UC Faculty [view]
Carlene Carvalho 0 Campus Services [view]
Writing Centre 2121 UC Staff [view]
Derek Chan 2120 IT Department [view]
Brenda Chan 0 Counselling [view]
Vivian Chan 0 Counselling [view]
Angie Chan 2173 Student Life [view]
Yun Chan 2223 The Hudson Taylor Centre [view]
York Chan 2712 IT Department [view]
Yan Chan 6711 Office of the Registrar [view]
Mark Chapman 2208 DMIN Program [view]
Nelly Chau 2223 The Hudson Taylor Centre [view]
Estella Cheong 0 Counselling [view]
Blessan Cherian 1002 Campus Services [view]
Anna Ching 2752 Business Office [view]
Derek Chisholm 0 UC Adjunct Faculty [view]
Sharon Chuah 6745 Office of the Registrar [view]
Janet Clark 2235 Seminary Faculty [view]
Eileen Coghill 1001 Campus Services [view]
David Colpitts 0 Counselling [view]
Bethany Conboy 2241 Library [view]
Robert Cousins 2708 TIM Centre [view]
Eric Crouse 6754 UC Faculty [view]
Rick Cunningham 2226 B.Ed [view]
Alan Davey 0 UC Adjunct Faculty [view]
Elizabeth Davey 6713 UC Faculty [view]
Richard Davis 2124 UC Faculty [view]
Melissa Davis 2178 UC Faculty [view]
Dale Dawson 0 UC Faculty [view]
Brian DeJong 0 Employee [view]
Joan DeVries 2758 Student Life [view]
Peter Dickens 6720 Centre for Leadership [view]
Michael Dickie 2220 Campus Operations [view]
Daniel Driver 2201 UC Faculty [view]