Syllabi for Modular Courses

Syllabi are posted when they are available. For course start and end dates, refer to the  Course Offerings Schedule.

Students must come to their first class having completed the pre-class assignments.
Fall 2014

ENGL 1713 B1 - Literature and Composition
CHRI 1013 B1 - Christian Life and Discipleship
BSTH 3723 B1 - Doctrine of Creation

PSYC 1013 B1 - Intro to Psychology I
BSTH 1013 B1 - Old Testament Scripture
CHRI 2213 B1 - Educational History & Philosophy

ENGL 1043 B1 - Intro to Literature: Poetry and Drama
BSTH 1023 B1 - New Testament Scripture
CHRI 3433 B1 - Preaching

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