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Tyndale Library Move is Starting

What Is Available | Library Move Timeline | Determining if items in Worldcat are available

This information was updated April 16, 2015.

The J. William Horsey Library, Tyndale's main library, plans to operate from the Ballyconnor campus until April 20, 2015. The Library Services team and I are doing everything we can to ensure that the moving process will not be disruptive for you. We will ensure that all books that are used the most will be available for you.

Many books with low circulation have already been moved into offsite storage. When we move into the new library, the areas that will house the stacks won't be constructed yet. All library materials will be available again when the rest of the library is completed.

What is available: Note Main Library stacks are closed until May.
  • All books classified in Biblical Studies (BS) and Doctrinal Theology (BT) are available to users.
  • All materials borrowed seven or more times in the last 12 years are available.
  • All materials published since 2010 are available.
  • Books that professors have pulled ahead of time are available.
  • Books referenced on many course syllabi are available.
  • All DVD's, kits and CD's are available.
  • All Education Library children's literature, teaching tools, government documents, manipulatives and puppets are available.

The new library on the Bayview campus is going to be great – a bright, new space for you to research, write essays, study and work on projects together. We have to go through a transition period together in order to get there, and more updates will follow in the months to come. The Library Services team and I are doing our best to make this process as smooth as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time. We look forward to serving you here and at the new campus.

Library Move Timeline

The following is our preliminary timeline. Check back for updates as they become available.

April 16-29, 2015

The library stacks on the lower level at the Ballyconnor campus are now closed as we begin moving the books to the new main reading room under the chapel on the Bayview campus. Library staff move to Bayview campus at 3377 Bayview Avenue.

April 16-20 The main library upper level at Ballyconnor will remain open for study purposes and book returns. Only the reference collection will be available.

April 21- May 1, 2015

Library service will only be available from the Education Library on the Bayview campus. Main library resources will not be available.

Early May 2015
The main library begins to operate from the main library reading room beneath the chapel on the Bayview campus. Some materials from the main library will be located in the main library reading room underneath the chapel. Some materials will be shelved in the Education Library and some materials will be in closed stack locations on campus  retrievable upon request by library staff. Material stored in off site location will not be available.

When new library stacks have been constructed
Library will completely occupy new library space and collections will be reintegrated. The date for completion will be announced when available. This will be accompanied by great joy and gladness.

Determining if items in WorldCat are really available.

During this transition, the Green checkmark Available status in WorldCat is not accurate for many items owned by Tyndale.

A. Green checkmark Available status  is accurate for the following items:

  • Books beginning with call numbers BS and BT
  • Kits, DVD's, CD's
  • Teaching tools,manipulatives, puppets, toys, government documents

B. Green checkmark Available status for other items is only accurate if the following statement appears beside the call number after clicking on the title in your results list:

    "This item will remain available during construction of the new Tyndale library."

      Items not mentioned in point A. that lack this statement are not available.

For example, to find out if other items are available, follow the two steps below:

A marked up screenshot showing seaarch results with the caption, "1. Click on the title of your results list."

A marked up screenshot showing seaarch results with the caption, "2. Items that are available will have a note beside the call number.  Items not highlighted in the categories above which lack a note will be unavailable."

If you are in any doubt, speak to library staff or

ASK A Librarian.

Hugh Rendle MLS, MTS
Director, Library Services
Tyndale University College & Seminary