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Past Courses Taught by Chair of Wesley Studies

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Courses on Wesleyan Studies

THEO 0629 John Wesley and the Mission of God

An examination of the mission of the church today in terms of the Trinitarian mission of God (missio dei) drawing upon learnings from the life and experience of John Wesley and of early Methodism as a movement of evangelism, renewal, and mission within the larger Christian Church. Students will explore the witness of John and Charles Wesley, the dynamics of early Methodism, and the relevance of these precedents for comprehensive (holistic) mission today, especially in the current Canadian context. Same as MISS 0629.

THEO 0643 The Life and Work of Charles Wesley

Examines the life, spiritual formation, poetic genius and theological contribution of Charles Wesley through an investigation of his sermons, verse, journals and correspondence. Students will become familiar with his appreciation of other poets, the manner in which he advanced the English hymn in the wake of its “father” (Isaac Watts) and the simultaneity of his Anglican churchmanship and evangelical zeal. Same as HIST 0766. Recommended: THEO 0531 and THEO 0522.  

Courses on Theology and History

THEO 0653 Creation and New Creation: Salvation and The Renewal of Earth

This course studies the biblical theology of salvation, particularly as it relates to the place of the created order in God’s redemptive plan, earth stewardship, and the meaning of “the restoration of all things” in the New Creation by the Spirit through the salvific and healing work of Jesus Christ. The course draws on biblical, historical, and systematic theology, cross-referencing to contemporary ecological and environmental issues.

THEO 0631 Christian Doctrine (Advanced): Church, Trinity, Mission

A seminar course in systematic theology in which one major Christian doctrine, such as the doctrine of the Trinity, Christ, salvation, etc., is studied. Offered annually. This time the focus is ecclesiology (the nature and mission of the church). The course engages recent explorations on the church in terms of Trinitarian and missio Dei theology at both academic and more popular levels. Relevant biblical and early Christian sources are also examined.

HIST 0786 Renewing The Church: Lessons From Evangelical Awakenings

The story of God's redemptive work in history is, to a significant degree, the story of revivals and church renewal movements. This course examines three of the most notable movements that were part of the Evangelical Awakening of the 17th and 18th centuries: Methodism under the leadership of John and Charles Wesley, the Moravian Renewal under the leadership of Nicholas von Zinzendorf, and Continental Pietism under the leadership of Philip Jacob Spener, A. H. Francke, and others. The course examines the history of these movements and some related movements; interconnections and common themes; and aspects of continuing relevance for the church and mission today