Music Ensemble: Tyndale Community Choir

MUSC 1C1, 2C2, 3C3, 4C4, 4C5, 4C6, 4C7, 4C8 (2)

The Tyndale Community Choir serves the Tyndale community as Tyndale’s primary vocal ensemble. The choir meets regularly for rehearsals with performances and ministry opportunities throughout the semester. This course is meant to further develop the skills of talented singers who will represent Tyndale in the community and acts as an ensemble that connects the outside community with the Tyndale student body. Choir engagements offer students a variety of ministry and performance experiences both on campus and at external events throughout the city. Students must audition for this course near the beginning of the semester.
Course Code: MUSC 1C1, 2C2, 3C3, 4C4, 4C5, 4C6, 4C7, 4C8 | Credit Hours: 2 | Undergraduate Course

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