Resources for Faculty

Tyndale IT provides a number of resources for Faculty in setting up and course pages, along with assisting with other technological needs.

Find a list of useful tutorials below.  These will be updated and links will be added as they are created.

We also offer training for Faculty and Staff.  See Tyndale IT Training for details.

For more assistance, please contact from your Tyndale e-mail account or call 416.226.6620 x4357 (xHELP), selecting the option for IT.

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For instructions on using the Ballyconnor Chapel audio/visual system for class, please contact IT.

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Course Pages - Basic Conditional Access and Activity Completion
Course Page Availability Forums
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Course Pages - Basic Gradebook and Coursework
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Linking to EBSCOhost Articles Submitting Grades
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Using the HelpDesk IT Related HelpDesk Types
New Employee Request Clearing your Cache
Printing to UC Canon, Seminary Canon, Admissions  
Note: Students, Faculty, and Staff are responsible for the understanding and care of their personal computers, peripherals, and mobile devices, both hardware and software.