Undergraduate Study Options

We have designed several ways for you to approach your studies:


A Tyndale education is about what you learn in the classroom and how you experience it in all that you do. Study full-time by taking three to five courses per term.


Work through the course requirements for your programs at your pace. Take as many courses per term as you like.

Night Classes

Tyndale University offers numerous night classes per semester. These classes run once a week from 6:30-9:30 for the semester, helping keep your schedule flexible whatever your other commitments may be. To see which classes are being offered at night, please see the Registrar's Course Offerings Page.

Modular Programs

Tyndale University offers several modular programs for people who wish to learn outside of the traditional semester system. You meet once a week with a dedicated cohort of fellow students, acquiring a full degree while still being able to work full-time.

Learn more about Tyndale's modular programs

One Week Intensives

Tyndale University offers week-intensive classes, running Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., throughout the summer in our Spring & Summer School.

Learn more about Spring & Summer School

Non-Traditional Class Schedules

Often, Tyndale University has the opportunity to offer classes with world-renowned and expert faculty who do not have the ability to teach in a traditional class time schedule. Not only are these classes taught at times that are accessible for the non-traditional student, but the course content for these classes often covers material not generally found within a traditional undergraduate course. To see if any such courses are coming up, visit the Registrar's Course Offerings Page.