French as a Second Language PJ:Part 1

EDUP 509 (3)

Provides teacher candidates with the knowledge, understanding and practice of teaching students French in Kindergarten, Primary and Junior levels whose first language is not French, in Core, Extended and Immersion programs. Teacher candidates will consider how additional languages are learned, will develop an understanding of current pedagogy and assessment practices, and will learn about their role in supporting the diverse learning needs of students, including those in early years, who are coming to French as language learners. Offers in-depth knowledge and experience of culturally inclusive pedagogies, connections with students’ authentic experiences, action-oriented learning situations, curricular integration, program design, use of technological communication resources, collaboration with parents / guardians and the community, differentiated instruction as well as assessment and evaluation strategies and tools linked to student interests. Prerequisite: Demonstration of proficiency based on the French Language Proficiency Assessment.
Course Code: EDUP 509 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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