Mental Health & Social Policy

HEAL 302 (3)

Examines issues, concerns, and policies surrounding mental health and their impact on individuals, families, communities, and institutions. This course builds upon knowledge acquired from social welfare programs and policies (SOCI 251) as well as the social determinants of health (HEAL 301), and will analyze the relationship among policy, practice, and research. There will be a brief overview that connects health and human services practice to the policy-making arena, from advocacy to implementation, and a review of the policy-making process. Theories and strategies for policy-practice will be discussed for their relevance in promoting effective and positive change. Students will learn about the history of mental health policy, and gain an understanding about the forces which led to the rehabilitation and recovery movements, including the enactment of various mental health policies from past to present. There will be examination of the complex nature of policy debates and priorities according to the perceptions of legislative bodies, advocacy organizations, and other key constituents. Through core readings students will discover the values, attitudes, and paradigms that have influenced mental health policy. In gaining a comprehensive framework of the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects that have shaped mental health policy, students will develop the critical skills necessary to become policy analysts. Prerequisites: HEAL 301, SOCI 101, 102, 251.
Course Code: HEAL 302 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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