Applied Skills for Practice in Health and Human Services

HEAL 391 (3)

Supports students to learn, hone and develop foundational skills that can be used across a range of applied Health & Human Services contexts. It builds on theories and concepts acquired from Introduction to Sociology Part I (SOCI 101) and Introduction to Sociology Part II (SOCI 102) as well as Introduction to Social Welfare (SOCI 251). Students will learn how to apply these theories in practical ways with activities and practice opportunities. This course provides an operational framework whereby theories can provide the lens that shapes how Health & Human Services providers can think and put their thoughts into meaningful action beneficial to people served. This course will also examine how to apply theories in practical examples that a practitioner in Health & Human Services sectors will come across. Through the core readings, students will discover how to critically appraise beliefs, arguments and claims in order to arrive at a well-reasoned judgement. Prerequisites: SOCI 101, 102, 251.
Course Code: HEAL 391 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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