Applied Music: Guitar

MUSC 1G1, 2G2, 3G3, 4G4, 4G5, 4G6, 4G7, 4G8 (1)

Provides individual weekly lessons in guitarplaying and techniques. The content will vary between students based on their individual goals and needs. Students will review the rudiments of guitar-playing, with a focus on tablature reading, open and barre chords and strumming and picking patterns. Lessons will include a private performance as the midterm exam and an individual performance for the studio as the final exam. Learned repertoire includes traditional roots music (folk music) as well as popular styles and sacred music. Students must undergo an assessment at the beginning of the semester.
Course Code: MUSC 1G1, 2G2, 3G3, 4G4, 4G5, 4G6, 4G7, 4G8 | Credit Hours: 1 | Undergraduate Course

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