Music Ensemble: Tyndale Jazz Combo

MUSC 1J1, 2J2, 3J3, 4J4, 4J5, 4J6, 4J7, 4J8 (2)

Designed to give students experience in creating music in a small jazz ensemble setting. Learning the fundamentals of arranging and improvisation, students will learn the role of their particular instrument in a small ensemble and how it functions within the group context. Students will have the opportunity to play as a combo for various Tyndale-sponsored events and work with practicing professional jazz artists in masterclasses and guest performances. Prerequisite: Students will be required to audition for this class. Please contact the instructor to arrange an audition.
Course Code: MUSC 1J1, 2J2, 3J3, 4J4, 4J5, 4J6, 4J7, 4J8 | Credit Hours: 2 | Undergraduate Course

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