Music Ensemble:Tyndale Chamber Orchestra

MUSC 1R1, 2R2, 3R3, 4R4, 4R5, 4R6, 4R7, 4R8 (2)

Designed to give students experience in creating music in a small chamber music setting, with exposure to a variety of chamber orchestra repertoire. Learning how to function in relationship with one another, each orchestra member will learn how their instrument family complements another in order to function well as a whole. The orchestra will play for various Tyndale-sponsored events and play alongside the Tyndale Community Choir for large campus and community events. Prerequisite: Students will be required to audition for this class. Please contact the instructor to arrange an audition.
Course Code: MUSC 1R1, 2R2, 3R3, 4R4, 4R5, 4R6, 4R7, 4R8 | Credit Hours: 2 | Undergraduate Course

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