Practicum in Psychology

PSYC 393 (3)

Provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience working within the field of psychology. Practicum sites include such opportunities as: special needs summer camp, autism intensive behavioral intervention clinic, special education school placements, and psychology clinic placements. Students and their on-site supervisors will work with the Tyndale practicum coordinator to set personal training and learning goals focused on applying theoretical, psychological principles learned in classroom courses in the practicum environment. Students interested in this course are responsible for contacting the practicum coordinator one semester in advance of the course in order to arrange for a placement, which is contingent upon site and supervisor availability and willingness to take on the student. Limited to third- and fourthyear students majoring in Psychology or Human Services who have received the permission of their psychology faculty advisor.
Course Code: PSYC 393 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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