Advanced Research Project in Psychology

PSYC 491 (3)

Provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership experience working on a research project within the field of psychology. Students may, on some occasions, develop and carry out their own small independent research projects, or they may assist in the implementation of a professor’s research project. Depending on the research project undertaken, this could involve in a variety of activities, including gathering background literature search materials, gathering research data, advertising for recruiting participants, scoring and coding data, analyzing data, and/or helping with general research preparation and completion activities. Students will complete 120 hours of research experience as well as write their own term paper examining indepth the research topic they have been studying and reporting on the results when possible. Prerequisites: MATH 121, 322, PSYC 101, 102, PSYC/SOCI 360. Limited to third- and fourthyear students majoring in Psychology or Human Services who have received the permission from the research project advisor.
Course Code: PSYC 491 | Credit Hours: 3 | Undergraduate Course

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