Dr. Enoch Wong

Title & Contact Info

Adjunct Professor of Diaspora Studies

 Email: ewong [at] tyndale.ca
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2217

Academic Credentials

PhD, Gonzaga University, 2015
MA, University of Toronto, 1987
BApSc, University of Toronto, 1979

Areas of Specialization

Asian Diaspora Churches in North America, Christian Leadership, Research Methods, Practical Theology.


Dr. Enoch Wong is the Director of Centre for Leadership Studies at Canadian Chinese School of Theology Calgary, and a licensed minister with The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. He is passionate in fostering the younger generation and nurturing leaders in Asian diaspora churches in North America through teaching, preaching, and mentoring. Dr. Wong’s books include: How Am I Going to Grow Up? and Listening to Their Voices (both on the faith journeys of Canadian-born Chinese Christians); General Survey of the Chinese Churches in Canada (2019); and Voices of Pastors (on the wellbeing and leadership ministry of pastors at the Chinese Canadian churches). He is currently completing a study on examining the journeys of North American-born Chinese full-time missionaries from their call to the mission field as well as an analysis on the 2021 Census and the Chinese Canadian population and religious affiliation.

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