Dr. James T Robertson

Title & Contact Info

Assistant Professor of Christian History
Director of Distributed Learning

 Email: jtrobertson [at] tyndale.ca
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2274

Academic Credentials

PhD, McMaster Divinity College, 2013
MDiv, McMaster University, 2007
BRS, Rocky Mountain College, 2003

Areas of Specialization

Canadian Christian history, Church & War, Evangelicalism, Missionary movements & Historical Theology


Dr. Robertson's research and publishing explores the Canadian context of the Christian faith. He works with church planting/missionary groups from around Canada and the United States highlighting the importance of historical awareness. He has published extensively in the areas of Canadian Church history and speaks frequently at popular and academic presentations. In addition to this, Dr. Robertson teaches the development of Christianity around the world, with a focus on the development of the faith during the Reformation and into the Modern Age. His focus on Church and War has brought him into dialogue with the military, inter-faith groups, and various peace organizations. He is also a past-president of the Canadian Society of Church History.

Dr. Robertson also serves as the Director of Tyndale's Distributed Learning Department. In this role, he oversees the development of online content and pedagogy for the entire University. In this capacity, Dr. Robertson looks for innovative and creative ways to bring video content and interesting tools to online education in this increasingly digital world. Distributed Learning is dedicated to figuring out the best ways to teach, build community, and develop spiritual formation with students who are unable to be physically present on Tyndale's campus.

Dr. Robertson has been teaching at Tyndale since 2014 and brings the past and present together in order to equip the students of Tyndale for the future.

Popular Courses

  • HIST 0670 - What Happened to Christian Canada?
  • HIST 0561 - History of Christianity I
  • HIST 0562 - History of Christianity II

Favourite Place on Campus

My office. It has my books in it and I enjoy sitting in there and chatting with colleagues and students. I find it a relaxing space.

Favourite Place in Toronto

The ROM for culture and to be inspired, Toronto Island in order to relax and write, Door 55 because my friends own the restaurant and it is one of the places I go to unwind and socialize

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