Dr. Mark Chapman

Title & Contact Info

Director of DMin Program
Professor of Research Methods

 Email: mchapman [at] tyndale.ca
 Phone: 416.226.6620 ext. 2208

Academic Credentials

BRS, Tyndale University College & Seminary, 1989
BA, University of Waterloo, 1991
MA, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1994
PhD, University of Toronto, 2004

Areas of Specialization

Research Methods, Religion in North America, Sociology of Religion, and Canadian Evangelicalism


Dr. Chapman is Associate Professor of Research Methods and Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program. He has wide experience in social science research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Chapman serves as a lead researcher for the Tyndale Intercultural Ministry Centre. His most recent research has focused on religion and immigration including projects related to Canadians who are starting new churches, the relationship between faith communities and the settlement sector, and an exploration of the role of churches in immigrant settlement and integration. Prior research has included studies of megachurches in Canada, an exploration of Canadian church attitudes to the visual arts, and networks among churches.

Dr. Chapman has worked as Director of Extension Education and Assistant Professor of Christianity & Culture at Ambrose University College and as a sessional lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University, McMaster University, and the University of Toronto. He has also served as a consultant for the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (2009-2011). He is a member of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, the Religious Research Association, the Association for the Sociology of Religion, and the Association of Doctor of Ministry Educators.

Dr. Chapman plays an active role as a lay leader at Hazelglen Alliance Church in Kitchener-Waterloo where he has attended since 1990.

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