Brian and Lily Stiller Dedication

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Tyndale University College & Seminary is honoured to dedicate two rooms to the Stillers in recognition of the realization of an extraordinary vision and with gratitude for Dr. Stiller’s leadership. The Brian & Lily Stiller Lounge and the Brian C. Stiller Executive Boardroom will stand as testaments to two very important people in Tyndale’s long history.

Dr. Brian C. Stiller, President Emeritus, became President of Ontario Bible College (now Tyndale) in the mid-1990s. Dr. Stiller’s strong leadership, clear vision and courage brought Ontario Bible College (OBC) out of financial difficulties and into a new era of exciting changes and opportunities. During his tenure, OBC became Tyndale which was granted University College status through a legislated act in 2003.

The journey to the Bayview campus all began one day while Dr. Stiller and his wife Lily were driving down Bayview Avenue. Lily leaned over and pointed at the Sisters of St. Joseph Morrow Park property and said, “Someday the Lord will give that to you.”

“It was the craziest idea,” recounts Dr. Stiller. Yet the idea started a series of events that led to the fulfillment of Lily’s words. Over the years, Dr. Stiller became friends with Sister Margaret Myatt, Congregational Leader at Morrow Park. When the Sisters of St. Joseph began discussing their future, Sister Margaret remembered Tyndale. “The Lord was calling us to welcome you into this building,” says Sister Margaret. “The history here is being carried on. It is God’s house.”

In 2006, Tyndale and the Sisters of St. Joseph signed an agreement to purchase Morrow Park. In 2015 Tyndale completed the historic move and officially opened the doors of the new campus. “There are so many who have a part in making this all a reality,” reflected Dr. Stiller.

“No one I know would have the courage to envision this idea of Tyndale moving onto this campus,” said Dr. Gary Nelson, current president of Tyndale. “It took someone with vision to start the conversation and it took someone with wisdom to understand that this could work.”


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