Campus Construction Underway

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Construction on Tyndale CampusConstruction is currently underway on the Tyndale campus this summer. A new entranceway with a traffic light on Bayview Avenue (opposite Brenham Crescent) and a new front parking lot are being built. This special addition will ease congestion, create additional parking spaces and provide safer traffic flow for those entering and exiting our campus. If you’ve come for a visit to the Campus recently, you may have noticed workers with hard hats, bulldozers, diggers and other heavy machinery operating at the front of the campus.

The task began in late spring with the relocation of the main gas line. This undertaking was planned to begin last year when it was discovered that the gas line was too close to the surface and needed to be moved. Unfortunately, scheduling with the gas company would only allow for the work to begin this year.

Tyndale’s new entrance, including new signage, is expected to be completed in the fall. “It’ll be more prominent, and the traffic light will make it easier and safer for people getting in and out,” says Scott Rough, Director of Campus Operations. “Once this work is completed, people will notice a substantive change in the look and feel of the campus from the road, which may be the most significant indicator to the community that Tyndale has moved in.”

Additionally, many projects are happening within the building that will contribute to efficiency, maintenance and safety, and will enhance the overall student experience. Some of the projects include roof gutter replacement; flooring replacement (Alumni Hall and Fitness Centre); carpet replacement (Stiller Lounge); replacement of old bed frames in the dorms; renovations that include a new “Quad” in the 600 level dorm; G200 renovations that will include showers for the Fitness Centre, offices for our student councils, a new classroom, and music suite outfitted with six practice rooms and an office along with air conditioning.

Be sure to come for a visit in the fall, and walk through some of these newly renovated spaces. Homecoming on September 30, 2017, is an excellent opportunity to do so!


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