Campus Reopening – A Phased Approach

By Tyndale Communications  /  Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Tyndale University's Campus Reopening & Student Experiences Task Force, has developed and implemented a phased reopening plan of the campus. At each phase, increased access to on-campus services are provided through the summer and into the fall, while full virtual services continue to be available in each phase.

Throughout the process of developing the plan, Tyndale University continues to rely on three guiding principles as a framework in making decisions: health and safety of students, faculty and staff; academic excellence; and the unique Tyndale experience.

Those who need to access the campus, according to the activities permitted within the phased framework, will find safety procedures and protocol in place that must be adhered to. Face masks are required, access to some spaces such as certain kitchenettes and gathering spaces will be reduced and increased cleaning will be in place.

The Task Force continues its work to plan for the student experiences that make a Tyndale education unique. Additional announcements will be made in the coming weeks as we look to fully open the campus. For questions you may have which are not answered below, please refer to the FAQs for additional information.

 Tyndale is currently in Phase: B


Note: Each phase expands the activities of the previous phase.


Phase A: Essential Services

March - July 20, 2020

Essential campus operations only.

Phase B: Limited Services

Begins July 21, 2020

Employees providing or assisting with a core service, and only on invitation approved by a manager, are permitted on campus. Focus of activity is to support Tyndale operations needed to prepare for Phase C.

Small staff gatherings are permitted for health and safety orientation and training.

Limited student gatherings permitted on approval of 1) the Task Force, and 2) a plan submitted to the Joint Health & Safety Committee.

Phase C: Expanded On-campus Services

TBD - September 1, 2020 Target

Increased staff, faculty and students on campus to expand in-person services to students (by appointment).

Physical access to library made available to faculty and students; study space available for specific time slots.

Faculty teaching Category 3 courses permitted on campus for course delivery.

Tuesday Chapels resume (limited capacity).

Henderson Fitness Centre available (limited capacity).

Limited Admissions and External Relations guests permitted on campus by appointment.

Phase D: Partial Opening

Date TBD

Small gatherings permitted, such as study groups and limited on site extra-curricular activities.

Library study room bookings available for faculty and students; increased seating capacity and general public access limited to checking out resources (no study space available).

Limited food services available.

Faculty permitted regular access to offices as desired.

Public access to the Bookstore.

Phase E: Full Opening

Date TBD - January 1, 2021 Anticipated

In-person classes resume.

Co/extra-curricular activities on site; full residence program.

Campus-based events resume.

Note: Activities and anticipated timelines within each phase may change.

Virtual Services Available