Carolyn Arends Speaks at Faith Talks 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Since 2007, Tyndale has invited well-known Christian leaders from a wide range of disciplines to speak at its annual Faith Talks lectures. The purpose of the lectures is to invite a speaker who has a unique perspective about faith “to engage the Tyndale community with the integration of Christian thinking and spiritual formation,” said George Sweetman, Dean of Students at the university. 

This year, Christian songwriter/musician, author and Christianity Today columnist Carolyn Arends spoke about her experiences and insights about wrestling with doubt. On top of her award winning music, Carolyn is a uniquely gifted writer. “She has a wonderfully casual and thoughtful style to her writing,” said George. “She writes about real issues that ordinary Christians deal with and approaches these issues from a unique angle. We felt that this would translate well with our students.”

Three separate lectures took place from January 21-22. Watch the interview below featuring Carolyn talk about how wrestling with doubt can actually strengthen our faith in God.

If you missed Carolyn's Faith Talks lecture, you can listen to them on the list of chapel podcasts.

Faith Talks 2014 - Carolyn Arends


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