Celtic Spirituality Tour

Monday, July 31, 2017

Helen Lenz [MDiv 2019] participated in the Celtic Spirituality Tour this past spring along with 19 fellow students. As part of the Celtic Spiritualty course, this tour is an introduction to Celtic Christian tradition. Students journeyed through cathedrals, monastic ruins and communities that continue to be functional today. The 12-day trip follows the footsteps of St. Patrick through Ireland and St. Columba in Scotland. Other stops along the tour include cathedrals in Dublin, such as Trinity College to see the Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s grave in Downpatrick and the Giant’s Causeway.

“During my first year at Tyndale, I wrote a couple of papers on St. Patrick and became intrigued by the holistic, integrative nature of the Celtic Christian tradition,” recounts Helen. With family roots in Ireland and the UK, she found this trip to be a perfect opportunity to explore her ancestry while learning about Celtic culture and spirituality.

“It was both interesting and encouraging to learn of the early Celtic Christians' profound devotion to Christ and of the ways that they evangelized the local pagan population.” Helen also noted how participation in the tour made her feel “more connected to the Communion of Saints, and more aware and appreciative of the history and tradition that have formed the church as we know it today.”

Students interested in next year’s tour can contact Dr. David Sherbino, Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry, at dsherbino [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Celtic%20Spirituality%20Tour%202018) . Photos of the tour, courtesy of Helen Lenz, can be viewed below.


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